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Philio PSM02 4-in-1 MultiSensor

So far, I have not yet really delved into the area of security, my home setup was predominantly heating, lighting and a half finished garden irrigation project. I purchased the Philio PSM02 4-in-1 sensor because, for such a small and reasonably priced gizmo, it seemed to pack in quite a number of features. The PSM02 […]

4-Noks ZB-Connection Gateway and Plug

In my previous blog post I wrote about the difficulties I experienced finding any Zigbee based home automation devices on eBay. It almost became an obsession for me to find a Zigbee device which was not either a Xbee, development kit or a book. When I came across a cheap 4-Noks ZC-GW-ETH-EM Ethernet to Zigbee […]

Zigbee vs Z-Wave

In this blog you will find a series of ramblings, product reviews, ideas and projects centered around the topic of Home Automation and Smart Energy. One of my initial aims is to find out the answer to the question… “Which wireless protocol is the future of home automation: Zigbee or Z-Wave (or other)?”. With ‘the […]

Secure SWM301 Z-Wave Water Meter Module

I have already written a post about my experience getting a water meter installed and my aim to electronically read the stats from the meter. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to test the Z-Wave SWM301 water meter RF module from Secure to see if it would suit this aim, as you […]