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Hive REST API v6.1

I have already written a short post about Hive’s v5 API in which I document some V5’s basic calls including temperature control. In this post I document the Hive’s newer v6.1 API, again with examples of a few basic calls. In comparison to the v5 API, albeit still a REST API, v6 is quite different. […]

Hive REST API v5

For anyone looking for the newer v6 API see here. Documentation of an API for the Hive platform is somewhat elusive, but this is not because of lack of demand… There are countless forum, social media and support requests begging Hive to release an API and IFTTT support, which would then empower developers to create […]

I LumoS Glass Panel Touch Light Switch

We have recently had out bathroom re-decorated, while doing this I wanted to replace the old pull cord light switch for something newer. Instinct first led me to believe that you are not supposed to have a standard push button light switch in the bathroom, and that they must either be a pull cord switch […]