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I LumoS Glass Panel Touch Light Switch

We have recently had out bathroom re-decorated, while doing this I wanted to replace the old pull cord light switch for something newer. Instinct first led me to believe that you are not supposed to have a standard push button light switch in the bathroom, and that they must either be a pull cord switch […]

Secure SWM301 Z-Wave Water Meter Module

I have already written a post about my experience getting a water meter installed and my aim to electronically read the stats from the meter. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to test the Z-Wave SWM301 water meter RF module from Secure to see if it would suit this aim, as you […]

Sensus 620c Water Meter

As part of their regional roll-out Portsmouth Water recently installed a Water Meter outside my house. My head, of course, instantly filled with ideas of how I may be able to remotely read the readings from this new meter as I do with my Electricity and Gas meters. However this may be more difficult with […]